Why you shouldn’t avoid carbs?


Carbohydrates can be simply defined as a group of an organic compound present in living tissues, consisting of simple sugars, starch and complex form called Cellulose. It has oxygen and hydrogen in the ratio of 1:2. The fact is its complex form breaks into simpler forms to release energy in the human or animal body.

Intake of carbs has always been a debated topic in science and our society too. But the bigger question is that can consuming carbohydrates be harmful? To get aware of the correct answer with reason and explanation go through the below-mentioned points:

Ancestors enjoyed Carbs:

Cooking food found to be a game-changer as it has increased the level of proteins, fats and calories. Cooked carbohydrate foods were nutritious and hungry hunters too.

As evidence proved that carb-rich foods such as legumes, grains and root vegetables were consumed by our ancestors after cooking. And they had good digestion and growth.

This theory is supported by emerging biological evidence presenting early humans developed many extra copies of genes called amylase that helped in digesting starchy carbs.

Fibre, a carb for optimal health:

After so much research, still many experts agree to the fibre consumption for good health. If we explain specifically, soluble fibre is highly beneficial for heart health and balanced body management.

Fibre, as carbohydrate slows down the metabolic reaction in the digestion process which is good for the absorption of nutrients. It helps in improving the heart health, Basal Metabolic Rate and optimal weight.

Cutting Carbs affect performance in exercise:

First of all, this is an electrifying myth. For an athlete, a low-carb diet could outer-perform a diet of high carbs. Performance remains with endurance, even getting worse if you cut down your carbs.

Low carb diet neither boosts your performance nor improves it. It provides a neutral effect without any negative effect.

Long-lived population eats carbohydrate food:

Scientists have found that the dense population of the longest-lived people used to consume cooked carbohydrate foods. No kind of carbohydrates harm their health.

The diet of these people was full of carb-rich foods like green vegetables, sweet potatoes, legumes, etc. Hence, do not fear to have carbohydrates dear.

Low carbs for weight loss:

As we all know that intake of excessive carbs causes obesity as hypothesised by scientists which is true. On the other hand, this is also true that a healthy diet of low carb foods has been amazingly effective for weight loss if it is the need for a shorter period of time that is highly proven also.

These are the saviour bullets for people who love carbs but afraid of eating. So, now you can eat and enjoy your carbs without any feel of guilt. But yes, you have to keep an eye on your carb food intake and our experts at The Nutri Monk can help you anytime!

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