Why do you need to follow mindful eating techniques?

Mindful Eating

Many zen masters, Buddhist monks and nuns mastered mindful eating techniques for optimum health and blissful soul. Have you ever noticed your eating habits? Are you a food sprinter or snail slipper while eating food? When was the last time you truly paid attention to your food? Or eaten without glued to a phone or TV? If you haven’t yet wondered about all of these ever, don’t worry many scientists & nutritionists have!

Mindful eating is the key term, and the concept of mindful eating goes beyond the individual. In true essence, mindful eating means being fully attentive to your food; as you buy, prepare, serve, and consume it, although adopting the practice takes a little more than just a few adjustments. But why should we do this? Because this technique is a practice that has benefits in the long-term and it can make you realize how well we can have a healthy and enjoyable relationship with our food.

Being healthy is not confined to the body shape or weight; it’s the eating choices we make, the rushed & unhealthy! So stop eating food mindlessly and start eating mindfully, so let’s now discuss on some step that how we can practice it;

Start with some small changes:

  • Sit for at least 15 minutes and enjoy your meal
  • Avoid distractions while eating; try to eat at least one meal a day without any electronic gadget. Eating in these circumstances is usually mindless and can lead to overeating, choosing unhealthier options, or not enjoying your meal at all.
  • Don’t rush for your meal, schedule your mealtime when you are unlikely to be interrupted, have a peaceful eating time.
  • Always sit down for a meal; if you eat while standing can create digestion problems, then you will be rushing to sit in a toilet.
  • Eat only until you are 80% full (eat for your stomach not mind) and chew your food slowly, chewing slowly actually aids in losing weight also.
  • Use your senses! Yes, taste, take note of the look, smell, and overall appeal of the meal you are about to eat.
  • Ask yourself what thoughts the food brings to mind, ask yourself what does food makes you feel? Happiness, anxiety, stress? Does it bring up any memories, fears, or beliefs? Before and after the meal ask yourself how your body feels. Do you feel energized, lethargic? Does your stomach feel full, nauseous, and empty? Ask!
  • Prepare your meals whenever possible, build a relationship with food, know your food; whether it’s fresh, seasonal, stale, packaged, processed.

Make these small changes and see the difference by yourself! When you eat better you will feel better both physically and psychologically. Eating mindfully will make you fall in love with your food more; after all, it’s the art of living! And at the Nutrimonk, we make sure to keep you healthy and happy.

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