PCOS: Importance of Nutrition

PCOS and Nutrition

PCOS has been found to be the most occurring disorder in recent times in women. Every other third woman is suffering from this. People are discussing this but a few numbers of people actually know about PCOS. PCOS or we can say Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a disorder that occurs in the endocrine of women. A woman,   who is at her reproductive age, usually diagnosed with it. It leads to many abnormalities which create a lot of sufferings in your daily routine life.

In the recent studies of research, it shows the data of around 7-10% or 5-6 million of women in the US are vigorously affected by it at their childbearing age. PCOS is the main cause of infertility as it disturbs the whole cycle of fertilization by participating in ovulation ability of a woman.

PCOS symptoms apart from infertility can be seen as:

  • Menstrual cycle is either absent or irregular
  • Obesity covers the most.
  • Lipid disorders
  • Resistance of Insulin – the root cause of PCOS
  • Increasing levels of Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Androgen (Male hormone) results in the appearance of facial hair growth, acne, head hair loss, etc.
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Sleep apnea

PCOS is not permanently curable but yes, if you do follow your regular assigned exercises and the balanced diet, then you can almost overcome the effects of this disorder. Hence, Nutritious diet and fitness exercises are the key main successful mantra to live with it happily. PCOS patients possess high levels of insulin in their bloodstream so they have to be very careful all the time and keep an eye on your regular check-ups.

Due to PCOS, women are easily trapped into a group of obesity. Nutritious diet exercises play a major role in controlling its effects on the human body. By just following the disciplined routine, patients can make it affectless and win the race with an ace. Lose weight happily and enjoy your favourite food in the required amount.

Insulin also affects the cells of the body as you eat anything, its level rises up. But most of the time, it happens with intake of carbohydrate. Staying active, Nutritious food and Healthy weight helps in improving PCOS symptoms in a positive manner. Carbohydrates are present in most snack foods like cookies, candy, chips; grains such as pasta, bread, rice, cereal and sugary drinks like juices, soda, etc.

No special food is needed to control the effects of PCOS but a nutritious food of balanced diet is a must to follow avoiding all worries and rule over your PCOS complications. If you can collaborate your nutrient food with a positive attitude, then definitely any disease or disorder can be cured. Have a mind full of positivity, you will get the results sooner and make PCOS symptoms harmless.


At Nutri Monk, while we prepare the diet plan for our clients, we make sure to understand the client health status and accordingly suggest a plan which suits them best. To know more on our specific diet plans, please click here.

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